Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Video Vault Page 1

Welcome to my Video Vault!!!! Here you'll see my movie making progression and note that I always keep my "WTF" style throughout. I won't put all my videos on here, but I will put videos that show my growth as a video editor. Enjoy :)

COP when he was level 16 my first FSSB video!

This here is my very first FreeStyle Street Basketball Video that I have created on July 5, 2007. I wanted to learn how to edit videos and I found out that I had windows movie maker right on my laptop. I used gamecam to record and did some research on how to get started with video editing. I've come a long way from this. :)

Freestyle Street Basketball a game with "Mcwalles"

BlindChicken's first Appearance!!! Mcwalles was my FreeStyle hero in FS and when I saw him in game, I had to make a video of him. People would say that I was bad at SF, not true. I was bad at scoring lol. They just didn't know my style of play: Point Forward. At this time I wasn't very exposed to the music world. When I went to best buy one day I was walking in the Rap isle and I saw a chinese guy on there. It was Jin. The rest is history. July 31, 2007

Freestyle Street Basketball NUMA STYLE

For while before I made videos I made animated GIFs. I used to make very violent stick figure gifs. Like a guy cutting his head off with a knife and blood would spray every where. Then a magic broom would pop in and clean it all up. Unfortunately I lost those Gifs. :(
I still have this gif that I made of myself..this one was made in 2006.

Below are GIF s I made for the Sierra FSSB forums. I was a active poster and had 4 out of 5 star user ratings for the most part.

Numa dancers!

This one was a sig I made for a friend on the Sierra FSSB forums.

When FSSB started putting ADs in the game. Starting with Dell and McDonald's. I made fun of it and posted it on the FSSB forums. Good times.

This one here is about how I hate new patches. Sierra's game patches just made the game worse.
So COP gets other Cops to shoot at the patch.

This was my Favorite Sig. above. To get a good view, right click it and click 'view image.'

My "COP SUX" sig.

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